The Alabama Chapter of URISA was developed as a consortium of GIS professionals, agencies, and corporations driven to help build GIS programs and standards in Alabama, provide the best geospatial information and services, and improve professional development and certification. URISA-AL is focused on becoming a strong professional organization by encouraging Geographic Information Systems Professionals (GISPs) certification, increasing membership, and creating an environment for better networking and information sharing. As a recognized Chapter of National URISA, URISA-AL enjoys cooperation and sponsorship from URISA and the other State and Regional Chapters. Look for more information on the web site.


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Alabama Chapter of URISA remains dedicated to the following goals:

• Provide low-cost certified workshops • Create certified instructors from the Alabama Chapter • Develop stronger relationships with our sister chapters • Develop sponsorships from companies and other organizations • Work with other professional groups • Develop a student outreach program
• Create regions in the state to better serve the potential members • Increase the board membership to provide more representation for the regions • Create a social wing of URISA-AL for a non-structured method of networking and information sharing