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In order to highlight the tremendous role that GIS plays in protecting lives and infrastructure every day, GISAA has partnered with the Alabama Damage Prevention Summit to offer a dedicated GIS track at this year’s Damage Prevention Summit.  Registrations are still available…

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We have an incredible set of GIS Track sessions including:

Budget Friendly GIS – A Summit Success Story – Michael Hughes,  Franklin County 
Building and maintaining a GIS for your utility doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Proprietary systems from companies like ESRI can be implemented in a cost-effective model. There’s also open source software. It’s free (mostly)! And GPS devices are less expensive and easier to use than ever.
We will explore several cost-effective options for collecting your assets with GPS, deploying GIS software, and creating a workflow that will provide your agency with the location and characteristics of every asset that it maintains.  We will also share a success story of an Alabama Utility that successfully implemented these strategies after attending this same workshop at the 2016 Damage Prevention Summit.

Cloud-based GIS Data Collection Workflows – David Wright, NEI
In depth comparison of different mobile data collection workflows using Collector for ArcGIS, Fulcrum, Trimble Terraflex paired with different GPS receivers.

Increasing Revenue with GIS and Data Analytics at Opelika Utilities –  Alan Lee, Opelika Utilities/GIS Inc.
Opelika Utilities was presented with a 2017 Special Achievement in GIS Award by ESRI and were featured in ArcNews Magazine for their innovative work in identifying non-operational meters through web-based analytics, identifying $25,000 per month in lost revenue. In this session Alan Lee will discuss how Opelika Utilities uses enterprise GIS to streamline operations, reduce costs, and plan for the future.   

Lessons learned building a successful Electric GIS Program – Mack Wainright, Central Alabama Electric 
Mack Wainwright has helped build a successful GIS program at Central Alabama Electric Cooperative. In this session he will share lessons learned, recent successes, and how he has worked closely with Alabama 811 to help reduce and prioritize locate request volume.

The Modern Role of GIS in Today’s Utilities – Keith Cooke, ESRI
The evolution of the Web GIS pattern has made location analytics available to a wider audience than ever before, particularly personnel who would never touch a traditional GIS. We’ll examine how this new platform enables field workers, office personnel, decision makers, and the public to have secure access to content and analysis, while integrating with existing business systems, such as asset management.

Using GIS to Manage Utility Operations – Mike Strength, Trussville Utilities
Mike Strength, General Manager of Trussville Gas and Water, is a technology pioneer in the utility industry and a strong believer in the power of GIS. In this session he will share how Trussville Gas and Water uses GIS to manage regulatory compliance, daily work flow, planning and more which has allowed for increased overall efficiency, reduced stress for employees, and better service for customers.