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Dear members:

Our recent name change offers an opportunity, a rebranding if you will.  As most of you know, an integral component to any brand is its logo, as it is a brand’s visual recognition. GISAA needs a new logo soon in order to advertise upcoming events. We are currently seeking submissions for a new logo. Any ideas are welcome. You don’t have to be a great artist – an idea sketched in crayon will be perfect. We will accept first drafts until July 3. Our current plan is to select the best ideas and allow an opportunity for a second draft (if needed) which will be due the following week. We need to determine how the final logo will be selected, but we understand feedback from our membership is critical. As an alternative, we can pay a graphic artist $300-500 for this service, but surely with all the talent in our membership, we can come up with a solution. Here are a couple of bullet points to think about when creating your logo:∙

  • Should be professional
  • Should contain GISAA
  • May also contain “GIS Association of Alabama” or “Geographic Information Systems Association of Alabama” as an explanation of the acronym GISAA
  • May reflect GIS, which is broad and offers plenty of options.
Feel free to submit your submissions to:
Thanks to you all,
Hunter Simmons
Vice-President, GIS Association of Alabama